the start of the greenhouse project

Do you own a greenhouse?

Yeah, I’m not even gonna wait for an answer. More than likely, that’s a big, fat, “No!”

Not for this gal, though. You wanna know how I scored a greenhouse? Reduce, reuse, recycle! Oh, wait, you gotta add “Repurpose” to that list.

This fine piece of decaying machinery (thanks to the prowess of my main squeeze) will very soon become my very own, beautiful greenhouse.



See how bright it is in there? When hubby is done with it, all the remaining seats will be gone, and he’ll som ehow (using those manly super powers of his) cut out sections of the roof and replace it with plexiglass. Tah-dahhhh! Greenhouse.

After that comes the challenge to grow food for my family, and can, dehydrate and freeze the surplus (if there is a surplus). Anyway, can’t really get to Point B without first getting to Point A, so the first thing on the agenda is turning the bus into a greenhouse.


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