the Almighty list

After breakfast on Saturday mornings, over our coffee, the hubby and I get a chance to sit and just be. And that’s when I daydream aloud and bounce my crazy ideas off him. You gotta give that man mad props for his patience with me. He does tend to get overwhelmed, especially when my excitement bubbles over like a big pot of spaghetti sauce…I just splatter ideas all over the place.

See, the problem is that my big pot of spaghetti sauce brain doesn’t take into account the man hours or labor or sweat equity. I just think the hubby can whip up all sorts of projects, like, “Tah-daaaah!” Apparently my spaghetti brain thinks him a superhero, which he is, but still…

So, while I kept on daydreaming aloud and running my mouth, he said, “Write me a list, woman!” See how good Almighty God is to me to give me a spouse that reels me in and compartmentalizes my spaghetti sauce idea brain?

Behold, the End All Be All List of Farmy Things. *(I reserve the right to amend this list at any time).

Laying Hens

– move the heat lamps from the center of the coop ceiling to the side. So we don’t bump our heads. Every. Single. Time.

– bring the 55-gallon watering can inside the bus. Build a stand for it. Purchase a spigot for the can to draw water from it.  FINISHED – May, 2015

– purchase another hose to be able to fill abovementioned drum with water. (It’s a P.I.A. to carry 5-gallon buckets of water to the hens every day. Especially in inclement wether. Trust me.)  FINISHED – May, 2015

Meat birds

– successfully incubate and hatch 100 chicks (in two or three batches).

– raise these chicks with higher protein feed than layers, using chicken tractors for grazing.

– butcher and dress all birds for the freezer for one years’ supply of chicken for our family.


– raise two piggies for one years’ supply of pork, using fodder to supplement feed.

– learn to butcher and cut/wrap ourselves.


– install rain gutters on house. Build and install a rain water catchment system.


– finish the greenhouse bus.

– create an array of self watering “earth buckets” for the greenhouse to grow veggies inside.

– grow and harvest enough produce to eat off our gardens during the summer and freeze, can or store the surplus.

– learn how to save seeds.


– plant several varieties of Apple and cherry trees (and others that are suitable for our zone).

– set up an area for raspberry and blueberry bushes.

Man, I’m tired!


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