grand tour of our greenhouse

I’m such a stinkin’ lucky gal.  Seriously, y’all…I have myself a greenhouse!!!


You know those moments when you want to pinch yourself ‘cuz you aren’t sure they’re real? Like when you wake up in the morning and go, “Hey, kids, I’m gonna go out to the greenhouse and…” Yeah, did I just say that?? I’m going to go to the GREENHOUSE???

Heck, yeah!!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time, even though the greenhouse isn’t quite complete yet. But you know what they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, right? Just because the thing’s not finished doesn’t mean it can’t be featured in a fancy-pants blog post…

So, here goes.  Our fancy-pants grand tour of the greenhouse.


There she is, in all her splendid glory. Doesn’t look like much, but she was free (except for the roof modifications and the sweat equity). Let’s step inside, shall we?


Manly Man cut out every other section of the the roof on the back end of the bus and replaced it with greenhouse-grade corrugated plexi glass. There are two more sections to go, but at least he’s made some great progress so far, see?


In the back corner of the bus, I have set up the fodder system. It’s strategically placed there so that when the buckets get filled up with smelly, fermented-ish water, I can just open up the back emergency door and dump out said smelly water buckets. I totally feel like I’m in a third world country when I do that. (I can say that because yours truly used to do that back in the Motherland. But that’s a story for another day).



Next to the fodder system are my tomato plants. I love them. They smell delicious. I know this because I like to stick my face in the tomato plant and take a big, long whiff. Have you ever smelled a tomato plant up close and personal? No? You’re a weirdo. Go find yourself a tomato plant and get all up in her business. You’ll thank me later.

And while you’ve got your nose knee deep (ok, I don’t know how that’s anatomically possible) in Miss Tomatoplant’s velomptuousness, you just might get lucky enough to see something like this:


That’s when it’s completely appropriate to squeal with joy.


Moving on. Hubby set up a work table out of two bus seats. He just turned one the wrong way around and screwed down some wood for me. Gah! I love that man.


I can very can very easily work on seeds and transplants without crouching down. In fact, I’ve been working on transplanting some of the seedlings into bigger containers. Here’s them so far:

bush pickle seedlings
bush pickle seedlings

I have planted some of the bush pickle seedlings outside in the garden, and have left a couple of them in the greenhouse. I want to see which does best in the long run. I’m pretty certain that the ones in the bus will do better, but it’ll be good to have a comparison.

two varieties of jalapeño seedlings
two varieties of jalapeño seedlings

The jalapeños are going to stay in the greenhouse, too. I envision home-made jalapeño poppers and spicy pico de gallo for opening game in September. Without Tom Brady. Whatever, I’m not bitter about his deflated balls.

Again, moving on…

At the front end of the bus, I’ve got a bunch of 5-gallon buckets that I fill up with water every other day or so. That’s what I use for watering plants and fodder inside the bus. One day, I’ll procure a food-grade 55-gallon drum to be used for this purpose, and set it up like the one in the chicken coop, so I can have “running water” in the greenhouse, too. But for now, this works.


That’s it for now. Pretty soon, as we get a few more pots, and as I work on transplanting the seedlings, the greenhouse bus will become more and more full of yummy, home-grown goodness.

And for that, I’m so very thankful.



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