hatching soon in an incubator near you

Seven more days.

We’re either going to fail miserably, or there’s gonna be a few (or hopefully more) turkey chicks peeping through their shells in seven days.

I candled them this morning to see what was going on in there.  Candling is just a way to “look” inside an egg.  It’s relatively easy to do using just your everyday bright flashlight.  I used a little one like this, with a toilet paper roll.


Putting the light inside the toilet paper roll and pressing the egg into the other end of the roll allows for a pretty tight fit.  That way it’s easier to get as much of the light to go through the egg to “see” inside.  The goal, at this point, is to see nothing.  Just a blob of black, and a small air sac at one end of the egg.  Being that these little buggers only have a week to go, they should fill up most of the egg.

So, off I went into a dark closet with my flashlight, the toilet paper roll, the incubator and a pencil.  Oh, and one or two children followed me in there too, pesky little things 🙂  My two oldest took turns being the trusty scribe outside jotting down “OK,” “no” or “?” for each of the eggs.


I numbered each egg with a pencil as I candled them, making sure not to drop any.  That would be the bonehead thing to do.  Thankfully, I wasn’t a bonehead today.  According to my candling prowess, which seriously isn’t very good, we have 13 eggs that look like there’s a turkey tenant living and growing in there, four that I’m not sure about, and ten that definitely are no’s.  Thirteen out of 27 (the number of eggs we started with) is pretty stinkin’ good odds, if you ask me!

This Friday we go into “lockdown,” which is the time when you just have to leave the things alone and NO TOUCHY-TOUCHY!  Ha! Easier said than done, right?  Anyway, another post will be forthcoming if I’m not crying on my pillow if there’s a no-chick situation.

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Pray for me and the turkeys.  I’m kind of a turkey, too.  So just pray for the turkeys.



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