This is it, folks!  We’re on lockdown!

We started with 27, now we’re down to eight.


Can you tell I’m excited?  Nah, I didn’t think so.

I secluded myself again in the dark closet.  And all the children came in there with me.  Except for the baby, she was sleeping.  Anyhoo, there was a lot of, “Sit still,” “Don’t touch,” “Quit making sound effects!” and that general line of conversation.

There was also an incident with an overturned bowl full of water I had on hand to add to the bottom of the incubator, to increase the humidity in there.  Overturned water bowl.  In my closet.  In the dark.  Awesome.

I candled all the eggs again and removed the ones that were clearly not viable, and the ones that had just decided to quit.  I feel like that sometimes, too.  But I digress.  Back to the eggs.  Only eight were serious about growing and possibly hatching.  I took my time with each of the real good ones, and the kids and I were able to see a bit of movement, even!  So exciting!!!

Because it’s incredibly difficult to take pictures in a dark room with a bunch of megalomaniac chillens and fragile eggs, I decided to draw a picture instead.  This is when my life will change forever, as some artist agent will drop everything to contact me for a new gig drawing things for high school biology textbooks.  Right?  I’ll wait….


So, when you candle an egg, this is what you “see.”  A bunch of black, an air pocket, or sack, and a fine “line” that separates the two.  That’s where you can see veins and sometimes, if you sit still enough, a bit of movement, or even a heartbeat type throbbing.  Super awesome!

I removed the tray that turns the eggs out of the incubator, and this is the time where you lay the eggs down on their sides and let them be.  The chicks inside will instinctually turn and get in position to begin their hatching.  This is also when you can apparently hear them “peep” from inside the eggs.  Again, so super exciting.

I’ll keep you posted.  If I can figure out how to add a video to this blogetty blog, I would love to show you a hatch in progress.  Please pray for the turkeys, that they decide to hatch before they quit.  That would be nice 🙂


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